andrew hall/
Andrew Hall is a British born photographer based in Los Angeles. He has more than 30 years’ experience working with such diverse elements as moving liquids, smoke and vapor, pure light and floating bubbles.

While being profoundly influenced by natural rhythms and the patterns of growth in organic matter, recent images have explored the relationships and harmonies found in the physics of liquid interaction and the divine geometry of intersecting circles.
“Andrew Hall’s work beautifully combines abstract photography, that was a staple of various early 20th century vanguards and was subsequently brought to public consciousness by Aaron Siskind in the 1950s, with the instantaneous photography pioneered by Edweard Muybridge. Hall’s work brings these older arts, in a very articulate way, into the present tense. He accomplishes this by insisting on random action and a careful aesthetic deliberation as opposites.
This very opposition becomes a determining factor in the meaning of the work. In this manner, randomness (a-la Pollock), and technical virtuosity become fused into one image that literally freezes the moment of synthesis where the macroscopic and microscopic meet as one.”

George Porcari
Exhibiting Artist, Photographer,
Recipient of 2014 Tiffany Foundation Award
“I am astonished by his experimental work which brings to mind the great age of photographic experimentation of the early 20th century masters like Moholy-Nagy, El Lissitzky and Man Ray. I have watched Andrew in his studio while he concocts the most amazing and unexpected devices for making dazzling imagery that at times defy description; Rube Goldberg mechanisms that twirl and buzz as he photographically captures visual events as sublime as the choreography of fireflies.
In a world oozing with Photoshopped images which often have the quality of Frankenstein’s monster, it is such a joy to view work in which the hand, heart and mind are all in sync, leaving us with nothing less than visual magic.”

Ramone Munoz
Artist, Professor,
Art Center College of Design